What is this simplicity made of

From a puppy dog’s tail?

Where pure addoration spills,

Joy ever giving, trails.

The forgiving heart of a friend, so true.

In his eyes a loving glow.

A heart that bleeds,  just to be,

Wherever it is that i go.



Thoughts trapped in the safe haven of madness.

The false safety net,
Of this faithful companion.

True to the death,

In the warping of the mind.

Seeking shelter, 

In the endless respite of suffering,

her sanity dies.

Sorrow and Life

Oh, how can i know the vastness of sorrow?

The countless tears,

Ancient and tomorrow,

Grieving for eternity,

Forever in a day,

Into this bottomless sea, 

Who gives up her dead?

Moarning this dying life,

Tossed and crashing upon death’s shore,

By fiercest waves of the darkest night!

Yet, forever is that day,

When in dawn,

The tide arrived and washed away all sorrow!

Forever, death deprived!


Deep blue and shades of teal,

Intriguing depths of sadness,

A sinking blend of restless colors,

Bleeding into blackness.

Where to find the color’s end?

she’ll find it at the bottom,

Where sorrow drowns her reckless soul, 

To join her with the fallen.